thank you for your donations

The Little Swallow welcomes your donations by checks, cash or kind. We accept these from individuals, partnerships, corporations, foundations and other organizations. We will use your donations only within the scope of our organization’s vision/mission and goals/objectives.

Your donation not only helps others, but also yourself. Numerous studies have shown that charitable giving not only helps the recipients, but also the giver. Those who give feel good about themselves, and have greater well-being, good health, and longevity. Isn’t it amazing that one of the common threads of all the religions of the world (Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism) is altruism and unconditional love towards your neighbors? Because charity enables every human being to achieve true happiness.

Your support goes far. Your financial support helps us provide for our programs so we can reach out to more people, and deserving institutions who need our help the most.

At least 80% of your every donation is given directly to our beneficiaries. Our financial records are also being audited and evaluated by our Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Rest assured that we will be good trustees for every donation you give us.

Welcome to our The Little Swallow family!